Week 23 – Energy Surge

After the emotional wrestle of the last two weeks, something finally gave and I’m finding myself just Doing It Now in a whirlwind of energy.  Can I say…LOVE it?? Seeing the bits of progress in something that is so challenging at first is just so darn rewarding.  Have I developed the persistence muscle?  Hmm….it seems suspiciously so.   Even when I feel like I’m terribly failing (like I kind of have the past couple weeks), its now revealed itself as a temporary bump in the road rather than a derailment.  Or rather a trusting of my own process and my own rhythm rather than a falling short of a standard.  And theres a beauty in that.


4 thoughts on “Week 23 – Energy Surge

  1. That’s great to hear… flex that muscle! The old blueprint would’ve totally derailed you as you said… but now you can carry on with a happy knack.

    So so glad we’ve stuck with this course. Btw I’m gonna reach out to you on FB. I think it’s a great way to stay in touch post MKMMA and potentially share ideas, mastermind and just generally know that there’s others out there who ‘get it’. Hope that’s ok?

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  2. Super great! I love when that happens! Sometimes I think I purposely procrastinate, or just can’t get things accomplished because when push comes to shove I get it done quicker, more efficiently and without the headache I anticipate it will be, but through this course I have learned that it’s just the old blueprint and you put it perfectly = realizing they are bumps and not derailments! and those bumps are easier to overcome than a derailment. Great Job! I’ve really enjoyed your blog and feedback during the course! Good Luck heading forward!


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