TFL – Week 2

So part of my DMP is to step further into my creativity to which this opportunity was presented to create a Course.   It’s something I had thought of before, but between blueprint and overwhelm did not get much anywhere.   So now this fits in perfectly.

I was partly wondering what topic to begin with, but after beginning with the first exercises, it kind of sorted itself out.

2  parts we were to examine, Pitch and Product

I found it interesting for use of Storytelling and Heros Journey as a way to overlay both the Pitch and Product. It makes it simpler and straight forward.

We’re starting with the pitch.

First thing, is to pick ‘Why you are here’ – The main way in which you address your prospect in the pitch of the course. Whether your purpose will be to:

  1. Inform
  2. Demonstrate
  3. Inspire  OR
  4. Influence

To pick only one and with this particular objective in mind, tailor all content towards that goal and eliminate anything else that may muddy the water.  It was suggested in doing so, not only will attract a certain type of buyer, but it makes the message very clear for them.

I initially thought I would be Informing or Influencing, but with the help of Josh’s post, realized I fit more into the Inspire category.

Next up is the Pitch video trailer

The question comes into play how, after watching it,  you’d like to have your prospect

Think, Say, Feel Do

What came up for me is

Think –  It really is possible to heal yourself, emotionally and physically.

Say – Believe that they can, with the right guidance

Feel – Excited and hopeful,  empowered

Do – Buy the course, of course 🙂  And to engage with other offerings