Press Release

Artist Katherina Kolmodin pieces to display back in Milwaukee


Award winning Artist Katherina Kolmodin will have a limited show of her award winning works at the Milwaukee Art Museum starting June 20, 2019 and going through Sept 1, 2019.  Her works have been a part of the ‘Modern Art’ series, also having also been shown in San Diego, San Francisco, New York and Paris.  Her works are permanently part San Diego Art Gallery collection.


Katherina is an international artist that blends spirituality, high color and movement.  Her artworks in the ‘Modern Art’ series are inspired by her spiritual work and recent travels to Costa Rica, Europe and Africa


‘Each piece tells a unique story about the individual.  They are designed for contemplation and over time, the pieces reveal different parts of themselves as the individual changes. The art is an experience in self awareness and healing.’


Katherina’s pieces are also showcased in her bestselling book The Centerpoint, that was released earlier this year, January 1, 2019, lauded as a fresh new take on health, healing and spirituality.


She will continue on to her next set of travels with her family.   ‘I have yet to see what will come forth next with my art and creativity. For me, my art and creativity are always an exploration into unknown territory, an act of faith and in there, something magical happens’